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Victoria Park



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History of the pool

The Hamlyn family, prominent benefactors and original owners of the woollen mills, gave Victoria Park and the swimming pool to the town of Buckfastleigh in 1887 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria. They also donated money for the Town Hall, community buildings and the playing fields.


The Hamlyn Family wanted the swimming pool and Victoria Park to be an amenity for Buckfastleigh forever, and it was a made a charity held in trust.  


For many years, the pool has been an important facility for the town and many residents learned to swim here. It was only closed for a brief period in the Second World War when the US Army took over the park.


Teignbridge District Council took over the trusteeship in 1974 but in 2014 they said they could no longer afford to run the pool. The Friends of Buckfastleigh Pool was set up to save the pool and in 2015 they were awarded a major grant of £75,000 to refurbish the pool. The trusteeship of Victoria Park and the pool was transferred back to the community in April 2015.


The first stage of the pool’s restoration, the relining of the pool, was carried out in April/May 2015 and the pool opened under new management in May 2015. We have ambitious plans to develop the facilities in the upcoming months and are delighted that we have been able to secure the pool’s future for generations to come.


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History of the pool